Introducing QuickStrengths

An assessment for better teamwork and communication


Receive a unique, customized profile in about 15 minutes

Reduce misunderstanding. Resolve conflict.

We all react uniquely to new information and plans, which can result in conflict. Most of this can be avoided by simply understanding our differences and appreciating the strengths of others.

The QuickStyle insights assessment can help determine:

  • How we respond to new information

  • The specific value we bring to our team

  • How to best communicate

  • Mistakes to avoid

Increase Communication Today

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A simple process for a stonger team:

Step 1

In just 15 minutes, each team member answers a multiple choice assessment and receives a unique, 1-Page QuickStyle.

Step 2
Team Meeting

We provide a simple guide for talking about communication styles and appreciating the strengths that each member brings to the team.

Step 3
Get Back to It

With a renewed sense of value for one another, return to your work as a stronger team that faces challenges head-on.

What others are saying

"You won't be disappointed."
- Lt. Col. Buddy Winn

"When I saw my own report, I was blown away by its accuracy."
- Dr. Tate Cockrell

"So helpful in my work, marriage, and parenting."
- Cory Carlson

"This is the most comprehensive and useful tool I've encountered."
- Pastor Michael Lee

Increase Communication Today

Powered by Leading from Your Strengths®