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QuickStrengths Assessment

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$14.00 USD

Important: If you are purchasing QuickStrengths for a team, and you plan to take the assessment as part of the team, select Group and Enroll Me.



We all react uniquely to new information and plans, which can result in conflict. Most of this can be avoided by simply understanding our differences and appreciating the strengths of others.

The QuickStrengths assessment is powered by the Leading From Your Strengths® assessment. It can help:

  • How we respond to new information
  • Our best value to a team
  • How to best communicate
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Only takes 15 minutes

Volume Discounts

Name Range Discount
Volume Discount 10 – 24 $0.50
Volume Discount 25 – 49 $1.00
Volume Discount 50 – 99 $2.00
Volume Discount 100 – 249 $3.00
Volume Discount 250 – 500 $4.00

How it works for you

  1. Purchase the QuickStyle Assessment and enroll yourself
  2. Complete the online process and get your personalized QuickStyle report
  3. Share your results with co-workers, friends and family
  4. Tell someone else about the QuickStyle process

How it works for teams

  1. Purchase the number of QuickStyle Assessments needed for each of your team members and enroll yourself.
  2. Notify your team members that you will be invited the to participate in a team building process call QuickStyle. So look for an email from Ministry Insights.
  3. Click “User Management” and enroll your team members. If you have more that 10 users we encourage you to take advantage of the “upload users” feature to speed up the process.
  4. Complete the online process and get your personalized QuickStyle report.
  5. Share your results with each team member and ask them to do the same.
  6. Tell someone else about the QuickStyle process

1 review for QuickStrengths Assessment

  1. Rodney Leader 1 (verified owner)

    I must say I was stunned by the accuracy of this assessment. The process was well thought out and has truly been transformational for my team of 16.

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